Meet The Staff

Tracy Devroy

Office Manager

Tracy is the Office Manager for CJ Meyer Chiropractic and is one of the first faces you will see at our office. Tracy brings her administrative talent as well as her caring personality to help make your experience a great one.

Tracy studied Human Biology and Nutrition from University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. Tracy’s passion for helping others has lead her to various careers in health care from Nutritional Counseling and Enzyme Therapy as a Digestive Health Professional through the Food Enzyme Institute to caring for Critical Care patients in the hospital.

Tracy is life-long learner and loves that Dr. Meyer is too. Tracy first met Dr. Meyer as a patient on her own health journey and was introduced to his specialty in NET or Neuro Emotional Technique – a mind-body stress relief technique. Tracy highly recommends NET for anyone struggling with emotional stress or looking to move forward through challenging times, past or present.

When not at work, Tracy is usually reading, running, being active outdoors or enjoying the company of family and friends.


Gayla Deininger

A Reading is like a sacred portal to truth. – GD

Have you ever wondered why something happened to you?  Do you have dreams and ideas for your life that you just can’t seem to bring to life?  Do you wish that life came with an instruction manual or that there was someone who could cut through the fog of life and help you see the BIG PICTURE?

Then you would benefit from a session with Gayla.  Gayla provides Intuitive Life Readings that bring messages of love, validation, and consciousness to your whole being.  Clients report a profound sense of clarity, peace, and understanding after their sessions.

There are multiple session options to meet your needs, including private sessions – introductory (30 minute), individual one-on-one full (50 minutes), couples or parent/child (90 minutes) – and group sessions for 8 or more people in the comfort of your home or our office.

Gayla is also a gifted teacher.  Her past courses have included Developing Your Intuition (Beginner and Advanced), and all levels of Reiki training and certifications.

These incredible sessions are a great complement to your work with Dr. Meyer, as they help you to get a better understanding and awareness of your body-mind and its needs.