Our Approach

My Practice Approach

Many of our patients have been to multiple doctors prior to coming here. So we step back and take a fresh look. We look at the person’s physical body, lifestyle, body chemistry, and emotional state.  We take the time to LISTEN to what the person has to say, to LOOK at the big picture, and to DIG DEEPER into the root cause of issues. We are frequently told “this is the first time I’ve ever felt that a doctor really listened to me” and “you are not like other Chiropractors”, and I am proud of this. I believe this is the reason that we often get results where others couldn’t.

I was told by Dr. Larry Troxell that most DCs are about as good when they get out of school as they will ever be. I have taken this as a personal challenge and worked hard through advanced post-graduate studies to achieve continual improvement on the skills and techniques I possess, so I can deliver the highest quality care to my patients.

One of the reasons I got into this field was the fact that I would always be able to learn more about healing the human body and would never become bored because I had “learned it all”. Each patient brings a unique set of issues, history, hopes, challenges, and goals, and I am grateful that they chose me to assist them on their journey.

Our office is different from that of many other doctors. We treat people in the way we would like to be treated. Not like numbers or dollar signs. After the initial visit, which takes about an hour, a typical visit is 15 minutes, versus the 4-6 minutes you spend with most doctors. We charge a $40 fee for the majority of visits, and our foremost aim is to create a place of healing, rather than an assembly line or profit center. We don’t have marble statues and fountains. We don’t believe in hard sell tactics. My results should speak for themselves and patients should be feeling better and be telling me that, not the other way around.