Opioids and Constipation

My wife saw an advertisement on the morning news that effectively said: if you are having side effects from taking drug #1, you can now take drug #2 for relief. We have long heard that it is estimated that half of the prescription drugs being taken today are solely to counteract the side effects of other prescription drugs, but this is the first time I’ve seen a drug openly advertised as being designed for that purpose!

This ad was for a drug to relieve the constipation that often results from taking Opioids for pain. I know second hand of the GI effects that Opioids can have; my father took them for pain when he was dying of Cancer. And I appreciate the relief they gave him and others like him. But for it to make financial sense to put an ad on the national morning news, they are not talking to just Cancer patients.

They are advertising to the millions of people in this country who are taking Opioids on a regular, ongoing basis for pain “management”. Most commonly, for muscular skeletal pain. Many of these people are at risk of becoming or already are addicted to them. Is this new drug really helping, or is it enabling?

What if, instead of using drugs to mask or “manage” pain, these people worked with a Chiropractor to try to get at the root cause of the pain and eliminate it? In my professional opinion, many of them would no longer need take drug #1 or drug #2.

For want of a better option, people do the best they can with the information they have. But I know of a better option: Chiropractic. The most common side effect of Chiropractic? Better health.

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