N.E.T. Neuro Emotional Technique in Green Bay

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NET is a Mind-Body based stress reduction method in Green Bay. It's effective in reducing the physiological stress response and has been scientifically proven to reduce the effect of stressful memories and present-day responses to stress. It has also been shown via functional MRI to make lasting changes in the brain centers responsible for the experience of stress, and to down-regulate these areas without the need for drugs, surgery, or similarly invasive methods. It has been clinically tested for over 32 years and is presently being taught as part of a medical school curriculum.

Understanding N.E.T. in Green Bay

I have practiced NET since 1996 and it is simply the most powerful method, I have ever experienced for reducing stress in my patients. It can quickly make changes in both physical and stress-related mental states. It has even been seen and demonstrated on Gray's Anatomy.

If you suspect that your present health condition is stress-related, or if you are feeling other effects of stress, please contact us. We can help.

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