New Patient Paperwork

At CJ Meyer Chiropractic, we welcome new patients. Call us today to get started. We can usually get you in same day or next day.

Some patients prefer the convenience of filling out their paperwork at home. Please feel free to print the following paperwork and fill out, then bring the paperwork, as well as insurance card (if applicable) to your first appointment.

Expect your first appointment to take at least an hour. During that time, Dr. Chris will perform a full exam, including general health history, history of your chief complaint, range of motion, simple orthopedic tests, etc., as applicable for your situation.

In most cases, he will take and analyze two full spine xrays, one from front to back, and one side view. He may consider taking additional specific xrays if needed for your situation, for example, xrays of knees, ankle, or hand, for more detailed information.

Once he has gathered and analyzed all this information, he will discuss his findings and his proposed plan with you. Finally, once you and Dr. Chris have agreed to his proposed plan, he will perform a hands-on spinal adjustment using the Gonstead Method and provide follow-up instructions.

You should feel free to ask any questions during the appointment; we feel it is important for you to fully understand what Dr. Chris proposes to do and why.

Subsequent appointments take around 15 minutes.


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